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Sporting Life
Conceived originally as an online counterpart to the eponymous racing newspaper, on arrival you are immediately aware that this UK-based site is a big player in the sector. The emphasis on betting is understandably quite strong, with the advantage of up-to-the-minute results, and there's plenty of other useful information to be found. Somewhere along the line a wise decision was made to stick to the most popular sports, so if you have a particular interest in synchronised swimming you're unlikely to find it here, but if your into Formula 1 or Rugby you'll find the coverage more than satisfactory. US sports are also catered for, though in this area the following site, CBS Sportsline, reigns supreme. As you might expect, soccer features most prominently and all the clubs and coming fixtures are amply dealt with and each article is usually illustrated by an accompanying photo. One incongruity is the "fanzine" section which, as far as we can see, contains nothing of the sort; you are faced instead with pages from the ill-fated Sportal site, still refusing to die. Naturally the serious roots of this kind of venture mean that the tone is inevitably somewhat dry and straight-laced but there are plenty of other more zany offerings on the web that fill the gap nicely such as Football 365 for the UK.

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CBS Sportsline
This is an indispensable destination for fans of all-American sports. They're all there, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Tennis, and all reported in every imaginable detail with even minor areas such as soccer, given a more than adequate presence. The famous American TV network has no problems in supplying a seemingly interminable stream of fresh content: latest news and game updates in real time, but also articles, audio, photos, even video clips of all the recent events. More importantly, the American sports lover's well-known predilection for statistics and charts is amply catered for. Just take a look at the beautifully laid-out table of player's injuries and expected recovery times or the printable scorecards and schedules. As seems to be something of a tradition with sports sites, the design is more functional than pretty to look at, but it copes admirably with managing such an extraordinary wealth of information.


Gazzetta Dello Sport
All right we admit it, we had to include this one just because we're fans of Italian football and we understand Italian, two prerequisites here. The famous Italian pink paper has been taking the web seriously for some time and consequently the site is well established and fully featured. Of course there's plenty of news and articles on the entire Italian championship but you'll also find Cycling and Formula 1 racing -with particular attention paid to Ferrari of course- as well as plenty of other sports. The one hundred year old paper is justifiably proud of its great heritage and a nice touch is the so-called "Archivio Storico", a huge database of Italian sporting events throughout the twentieth century. Although the Gazzetta makes a few photos available, if you're after good quality video-clips of all the Serie-A goals, while still in Italy, you can make your way over to the Raisport site. Home Page
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Extreme Sports  
If you like your sports extreme, then Extreme Sports is the site for you. With sections dedicated to surf, skate, snow and wake boarding but also bike and moto, this site is guaranteed to get the most hardened adrenaline junkie's juices flowing. There's also an entertainment section that will give you the low-down on the bands who play that heart pounding music which should be on your Walkman while you view the action. The articles tell you just as much as you need to know and a clever scrolling ticker displays the latest news, but best of all is the video section with plenty of extreme clips on show. The justifiably Californian and US bias is evident throughout and particularly in the limitations of the weather section (that's right for those who do, not watch). Also the high-tech design is a little claustrophobic and could use freshening up, as could the colour schemes that make just a few parts hard to read, but the clever Flash buttons are nicely implemented and a joy to look at. All in all a riveting surf. There's enough rough and tumble here to blow up your monitor.

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