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So just how many times were those famous words "play it again Sam" uttered during Casablanca? This massive database of 260.000 films has all the answers; but far from a simple collection of trivia we have here something of a monumental academic endeavour. All the credits, locations and awards of each movie are readily accessible and well presented with listings covering half a million actors and many thousands of directors. Current releases are also covered in a separate section providing reviews and synopses, though it has to be said that the site fares much better on the films it recommends, with the remaining taken care of by way of links. The usual online frivolities are all there as well, such as the celebrity gossip and "Fun and Games", and the photo gallery is certainly a nice touch with its 2000 images, mostly movie stills, but all in all the most useful and unique aspect remains the database itself, both film buffs and less serious cinephiles alike will find it an invaluable reference tool.

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The well-known UK retailer, available online.

As Seen On Screen
Get a load of this one! Ever wanted to own that familiar dart board from Friends, or the "Sunnydale High School" T-shirt from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Well, now you can. This clever little site stocks over a 1000 cool articles from your favourite TV programs and movies. Entertainingly divided into "The Stuff You Saw" (items they managed to track down), "Stuff Similar To What You Saw" (things that come close) and "Official Merchandise", each category is brimming with interesting bits and pieces that make for an enjoyable surf whether or not you actually plan to buy anything. If you do, however, then secure shipping is available to most countries so international users shouldn't let the UK-centricity of the operation put them off. It's not hard to see why this is a Sunday Times Site of the Year, the tongue in cheek presentation contributes to the perfect execution of a great idea, tantalising for its sheer trashieness.


Empire Online
With all the resources of the monthly magazine at its disposal, there's real power in the punch of this UK offering. Particularly impressive is the selection of reviews on offer which is comprehensive and bang up to date, covering all current releases. Though at times more presentational than critical, by web standards the quality of these is exceptional, culled as they are from the print publication. Other features that will appeal equally to international users are the excellent trailers download area and the future films section with exhaustive details and commentaries on works in progress. The remainder is of more localised value, such as the competitions where plenty of film tickets are usually up for grabs. Just as the IMDB site provides US cinema listings and showing-times search, here we have a handy UK equivalent provided by Yell.


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Large collection of Hollywood collectibles, and memorabilia available for purchase.


Ready or not, this is one of those sites that gives you a chance to sample a slice of the future today. Hundreds of films, TV-classics and documentaries are available for immediate online viewing. Some are free tasters while others available for a surprisingly cheap subscription rate. Subjects range from Westerns and Comedy through to Martial Arts and Erotica. There may not be much here in the way of blockbusters or all-time classics (apart from the laughably dated Emanuelle series maybe), but we did manage to unearth a few small gems such as The Coca-Cola Kid and some timeless Laurel and Hardy. Peter Lorre's Mr. Moto was another one of those rewarding journeys into cinema history. It helps to have a broadband connection to the web, but even if you don't there's plenty here to keep you entertained.

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